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Best practice

Transparent, fast, agile and simply better.

In contrast to many other software developers, we do not create a comprehensive set of requirements including all specifications at the beginning of a project, but realize small subcomponents in two-week cycles. Our ticket system maps all development tasks and their status in a clear and transparent manner. In this way, all development steps are traceable and project progress is immediately visible for all project participants. Due to the fact that our clients get access to the development servers, we’re able to make adjustments if necessary. Effort and costs thus always remain manage- and predictable.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Transparency
  • Effort and costs accessible at any time
  • Easy reaction to changes in the project
  • Simple prioritization of the next steps and tasks

Overview of the SCRUM process at punkt.de

Graphic: Overview of the SCRUM process at punkt.de