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Webrelaunch for LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH with TYPO3

The direct route to the required information

For LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH, the punkt.de team has implemented the corporate design of the Dutch parent company, combined with a comprehensive relaunch of the German website. In addition to the optical revision, the focus was particularly on the technical development of the website. The aim was to depict LeasePlan’s broad range of services in a user-friendly way, for example by developing a complex search function and a flexible survey tool.

Initial situation

When the world’s largest leasing and fleet management company, the LeasePlan Corporation established in the Netherlands, had developed a new style guide in the autumn of 2013, the German subsidiary was looking for a partner to adapt the independent German website to the new design. It was even more important, however, to implement the new look-and-feel on the website, as well as to make the online presence more user-friendly and to further develop it technically. What’s more, being unhappy with the previous hosting solution, LeasePlan wanted to take the relaunch as an opportunity to revise and to modernize the complete server architecture. For many competitors, the special technical requirements concerning IT security already were a dealbreaker. “punkt.de was able to provide all security aspects and has fulfilled all our expectations of a one-stop service provider by combining TYPO3 development with web hosting”, Bettina Heinen, Head of Marketing of LeasePlan, describes the selection process.

“punkt.de was able to provide all security aspects and has fulfilled all our expectations of a one-stop service provider by combining TYPO3 development with web hosting.”
Bettina Heinen,
Head of Marketing


How is it possible to make the comprehensive information on the website as easily available as possible to its users? Which additional features create immediate value? And how can editing be made easier for employees? Many of the technical challenges in the relaunch required solutions with special details. The possibility to search for authorized partner garages for repairing and maintaining company cars, for example, is one of the services LeasePlan offers on its website. On the old website, a radial search relying on postcodes was used for this purpose, which however produced inexact matches. Especially in rural areas, customers were referred to garages that were further away, while less distant garages in neighboring post code areas were disregarded.

What’s the shortest route to the next garage?

Screenshot derLeasePlan Website. Die Werkstatt-Suchfunktion erleichtert den Gang in die Werkstatt.

Die Suchfunktion erleichtert die Suche nach einer Werkstatt.


Regardless of whether customers are looking for partner garages for service and maintenance, tyre change or repair, in all four partner networks the database query now always produces the exact distance to the closest partner garage. For this purpose, punkt.de has replaced the radial search relying on postcodes by a complex connection to Google, hidden behind a user-friendly interface. Indicating his current location is enough for the user to have the contact data of the closest partner garages displayed as a list and in an interactive map view.

In order to facilitate the editors’ work, punkt.de has also installed a new user management system with different authorizations, which can be expanded and differentiated in the future. In this way, transparency and flexibility are guaranteed not only in LeasePlan’s fleet management, but also on its website. The consulting projects of LeasePlan Germany profit from the improvements in the editorial system, too. So far, employees had to develop new questionnaires for each planned survey which, once entered into the system, could no longer be changed. After the revision of the survey tool, they now can draw up a list of customized questions themselves and adapt the contents of the questionnaires at any time. A special detail that punkt.de has developed is that, depending on the responses, consecutive questions are simply adopted by the system.

In the meantime, the cooperation between LeasePlan and punkt.de has entered the next round – with a mobile version of the website. For LeasePlan, the punkt.de team from Karlsruhe develops a concept for a responsive web design, which offers cross-device usability, whether on desktops, tablets or smartphones. A true plus for both users and editors. The output of content and navigation elements, as well as the structure of the website, is adapted to the respective device. Nevertheless, technically it’s the same website, so that employees can update it quicker and more easily in the future. “This is another step towards the future, which we could take together with punkt.de,” Bettina Heinen describes the successful cooperation.

“This is another step towards the future, which we could take together with punkt.de.”
Bettina Heinen,
Head of Marketing