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Privacy Statement

Protection of Privacy

punkt.de GmbH will request, process or use the personal data of the users without prior agreement only to the extend that is neccessary for contractual or billing purposes.

In order to close and maintain a contract the following personal data is required and requested: Name, address, phone number, e-Mail address, bankaccount details and the login data of the user. This data is usually requested through an electronic order form.

Hereby, the user is informed, that any domain registration requires the disclosure of certain personal data, usually the registrants name and address, to the national and/or international domain registration authorities and to the publicly accessible Whois database.

The registration of a .de domain currently requires the name and address of the future domain owner, the administrative contact (admin-c), the technical contact (tech-c) and the zone administrator (zone-c) as well as the phone, fax and e-mail contact information of the tech-c and zone-c to be transmitted to the DENIC e.G., Frankfurt/Main, and published in the DENIC- database which is found at http://www.denic.de.

Data concerning the useage of this service by the customer, like the start and ending times and scope of useage of electronic services incl. e-mail will only be collected, processed and used to the extend that is required in order to deliver the service and for billing purposes.

Usually this data includes the date, time, timezone, starting and ending times of the use of the service, the transferred amount of data, the users IP address and the type of the service used.

In case the collected data is required for billing purposes (billing data) this data will be retained for six months after the last invoice has been issued. Beyond this time frame, the data will be retained only if the users objects the invoice or if the invoice has not been properly settled despite the request for payment. In this case, the data will be retained until the issue is settled.

If any data is required to fulfill existing legal, charter or contractual requirements or retaining periods, punkt.de will lock the data appropriately.

punkt.de may disclose billing data to other service providers or third parties only if and to the extend, as this data is required to determine the appropriate fees and allow billing of the user.

punkt.de makes use of anonymized information on the use of it's electronic services in order to evaluate, enhance and promote such services. The information does not allow conclusions as to the individual user.

punkt.de makes use of the cookie technologie, if the user's browser settings allow so. The cookies contain the neccessary data to insure the save communication with the system, incl. the shopping system.

Upon good cause punkt.de GmbH is entitled to collect, process and use any personal data that may be required to uncover and stop unlawfull useage and behavior by the user and to enforce it's justified claims against the user.

If neccessary, punkt.de GmbH is entitled to collect, process and use personal and connection data, in order to identify, isolate and remedy malfunctions and errors of it's systems and services.

In accordance with the current regulations, punkt.de GmbH is entitled to disclose any requested data to the law enforcement agencies or courts for prosecution purposes, if the request is appropriately filed by the authorities.

Upon request punkt.de GmbH will promptly and free of charge inform the user about the amount and nature of her/his personal data collected. This information can be given electronically, if the user requests so.