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Customized hosting solutions

Comprehensive service from one single source.

Many of our clients have come to know and appreciate us not only for our complex TYPO3 developments, but also as a reliable hosting partner. This will not change in the future, because the only thing that’s new is the name: punkt.de hosting. But the experience behind that is the experience and knowledge of punkt.de.

We provide individual server solutions for different hosting needs

With our portfolio we offer you a wide variety of hosting solutions:

proServer for TYPO3 and Neos

Our proServers are specially adapted to the needs of developers, as they were developed by our developers. The proServer provides the freedom of a root server e.g. as developers can configure and restart software by themselves while the operating software is maintained by us and a ready-to-run system is delivered. In addition, the proServer is particularly suitable for TYPO3 and Neos applications.

Enterprise Hosting-Lösungen

Enterprise hosting solutions

If you have a more complex hosting you are right with us. With our customized enterprise concepts, we develop the appropriate infrastructure and server constellation for your use case. We love to find the right solution for you that's why we usually do not provide standard solutions but find individual solutions that meet your needs.

We have some more information about our hosting but it´s only available in German at the moment. https://hosting.punkt.de/.

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