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all but standard.

More intelligent, efficient and easier to handle than the typical solution.

At punkt.de, we develop and realize complex web applications on the basis of TYPO3 that can do more than ‘just function’. For our clients, we find solutions that are simply better: smarter, more efficient more understandable than the standard. Since we’ve been not just good, but very good at this for more than 13 years, we’re one of the leading service providers for tailor-made online solutions with TYPO3 today.

TYPO3 - a strong basis

Regardless of whether you need a convincing corporate website, an informative wiki or a comprehensive partner portal – TYPO3 is the optimal technical basis for content maintenance, information management, document management, process organization or workflow support. Since 2004, we’ve been actively pursuing the diffusion of the license-free content management system in Germany and maintain close contact with the TYPO3 development team. This is also beneficial for our clients, because our experience with TYPO3 enables us to advise them competently and to provide them with a comprehensive service from conception to project completion. We’re not only guaranteeing full compliance with TYPO3 standards, but are also able to process special requests, as well as to modify or redevelop TYPO3 extensions in direct consultation with the core team.

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