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We don't only think
we can do it.

From our experience, we know that we can.

Continuity, professionalism and security: this is what punkt.de has been offering for 13 years.

At punkt.de, we develop complex high-level enterprise solutions that can do more than ‘just function’ – because they are smarter, more efficient and more understandable than the standard. In doing so, we combine our expertise in web development with the use of modern technologies: state of the art, serious and secure.

Owner-managed and still refreshingly unconventional. We’re proud of our excellent reputation as one of the leading TYPO3 agencies in Germany. As systems service provider we therefore work passionately every day to remain as good as we are – and to be always one step ahead.

Expert advice, sophisticated concepts and efficient technical implementation. Not only do we have a lot of confidence in our abilities, but know from our 13 years’ experience: Yes we can.

For this reasons, our product range doesn’t include standard solutions. We exclusively offer tailor-made solutions to individual problems, because sophisticated websites and complex internet applications are our core business.