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Migration of EUROBAUSTOFF’s extranet to TYPO3

A big thing

Initial situation

Keeping the 492 shareholder companies of the largest specialized trade cooperation in Europe up to date has top priority for EUROBAUSTOFF Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. Therefore, an extranet serves as central communication platform for the member companies at all 1,250 locations. On the platform, more than 16,000 users can find current information about conditions, products and marketing activities. On the one hand, the platform thus replaces internal paper mailings – in analogue times, cooperation between the member companies produced six to eight million pages per year. On the other hand, the headquarters is able to make information quickly and easily available via the extranet.


Numerous other applications were running on the same technical basis as the extranet. For the relaunch of the information platform, however, the whole system had to be replaced. Moreover, EUROBAUSTOFF protected its confidential contents with a complex three-layer access and authorization concept, which was supposed to be available in its previous form after the relaunch as well. Another requirement was a special type of user administration: based on the respective region and the partnership status, specialized dealers were supposed to be able to pass user rights on to their employees independently. Having the headquarters administrating users was not an option. Alongside, it was also necessary to migrate the supplier information system. Since this concerned a proprietary solution, it did not offer access for the necessary migration. Accordingly, the complete supplier information system had to be redeveloped.

Startseite des Eurobaustoff Webportals


punkt.de has connected more than five different databases to the new extranet, amongst others DB2, Oracle and Progress. As desired, user administration is delegated to the respective partners in the password-protected administration interface of the extranet. Each member company can issue user rights to its employees via the master data, while the latter are synchronized dynamically by the partners, the employees and the suppliers. With the partner information system it is also possible to make the contact data of the partners centrally available. For users to be able to access external applications such as credit assessment or the dangerous goods database without having to log on again, these applications are connected to the extranet via a single sign-on. In order to be able to display product and marketing information in a transparent manner, punkt.de has automatically migrated more than 15,000 individual pages from the old extranet to the new platform. After the relaunch, the 25 editors are able to directly publish contents in the system. Last but not least, an event and shopping calendar shows all relevant dates and activities. Fairs, regional events, annual general meetings and purchase actions can be displayed according to the access rights of a partner. For Thorsten Göth, Project Manager at EUROBAUSTOFF, this is a tailor-made result: “In close cooperation with punkt.de, we managed to convert the very heart of the communication within our cooperation to a new, future-proof platform within a very short period of time.”

“In close cooperation with punkt.de, we managed to convert the very heart of the communication within our cooperation to a new, future-proof platform within a very short period of time.”
– Thorsten Göth,
Project Manager at EUROBAUSTOFF

15,000 pages – migrated automatically