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Intranet Relaunch for rehaVital

A powerful intranet for a powerful community

Communication is crucial to the successful cooperation within an association of companies. If this communication takes place in an intranet, the use of the latest technologies and a visually appealing and easy to use interface become equally important. With this in mind, punkt.de relaunched the intranet for rehaVital – thus creating a modern platform for the exchange of information.

The initial situation

The health service cooperation rehaVital negotiates commercial agreements with health insurance providers and profitable procurement terms with vendors for its 117 associated health care supply stores and other medical suppliers. An intranet serves as the communication platform. Here, the member companies can retrieve information, access external applications and sign up for events and training courses. However, due to the continual growth over the years, the system had become slow, visually outdate, and hard to navigate and operate. As a result, rehaVital decided to relaunch the intranet and joined forces with punkt.de with the goal of developing a modern and sustainable platform.

communication platform for
117 associated health
care supply stores

modern and sustainable

The challenge

High performance with maximal customizability: rehaVital wanted a simple, fast, intuitive and uniform system that would allow its users to compile the information they need as they wished. Another challenge was the integration of an array of subsystems. While these applications were to remain external, they were supposed to become accessible from the homepage of the intranet without requiring the users to login multiple times. On the technical side, punkt.de decided to modernize the extensions that had already been integrated into the system, in order to make the legacy code compatible with the new TYPO3 system and to ensure the updatability in the future. The narrow timeframe served as another challenge for the team: The system's relaunch was announced at the general assembly in June 2015. The next general assembly in June 2016 was set as the release date for the new system. Starting the development in December 2016, punkt.de only had about half a year to successfully wrap up the relaunch.

Homepage of the intranet portal Vitalnet from rehaVital after the relaunch

The solution

No sooner said than done: Based on the TYPO3 7.6 LTS, the new Vitalnet stands out with state-of-the-art technology, ease-of-use and an appealing design. The interface was designed in cooperation by punkt.de's long-time partners, the design agency made in. A consistent color coding system offers clarity from the homepage throughout all navigation levels. To further promote the customizability for the customers, the homepage features a start pane for apps that can be sorted by drag and drop. The apps themselves are integrated into the system with single-sign on process, thus allowing the users to reach them without further logins. All necessary data is imported automatically from rehaVital's MS SQL databases and CRM system.

A complex hierarchical authorization system ensures that each specific user can only access information they are permitted to view. The access right are administered in a decentralized manner: Depending on their own access rights, the member companies can create and manage users, thereby deciding which information they are granted access to.

The intranet also features individual newsletters that are generated according to the recipients access rights and an extensive facetted search tool, built with Solr. All features were implemented by punkt.de in a way that would ensure long-term updatability. Uwe von Seggern, head of the IT department, is happy with the results:

„punkt.de really did a good job in bringing the core of our communication up-to-date. The new system is not only fast, but also user-friendly – our members agree.“
Uwe von Seggern, head of the IT department at rehaVital

complex hierarchical
authorization system

event administration


extensive facetted search

single sign-on

and much more ...

Variety of apps on the rehaVital intranet

Continual development

Following the concept of continuous relaunch, the actual relaunch is only the beginning of a continual optimization process, which will further expand and improve the intranet. After the Vitalnet was introduced and presented at the general assembly in June 2016, punkt.de further developed the functionalities for events and newsletters. Now, attendees of events are automatically sent a thank-you e-mail. Furthermore, the management of events was made easier for the editors, who can now more readily decide which events should be promoted in the newsletter or download automatically generated participant lists for training courses.

However, the intranet is a project which will be updated and modified continuously. The near future will bring further improvements to the search functions and more customizable elements for the homepage.